Taking the art of photography to the next level

Why should you consider getting a 3D photo sculpture of a picture that displays the most momentous time of your life? Read on to find out why 3D photo sculptures are getting more popular day by day and why they are evolving into a fashion trend.


Everything is going 3D these days. It is the 3D world of the 21st century. A 3D photo sculpture is a one of a kind sculpting that takes your 2D digital photo and coverts it into an almost-real 3D model that you can touch and feel, bringing your memories to life.


Most people these days prefer to get their digital photos printed through online photo processing labs. Along with getting the prints made there is a soaring demand of customized and personalized photo gifts like photo mugs, photo key chains, stylized canvases, photo t-shirts, etc. A 3D photo sculpture is another form of art that takes this customization trend to the next level.

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There was a time when only the rich and famous could afford to have their image sculptured or painted. But now, thanks to state-of-the-art 3D photo sculpture technologies, you can easily have your 3D photo sculptures created without spending a fortune. You can capture your memories and freeze them in time and space with this one of a kind photo art.

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